Death of Decebal

Original Painting by Mihaela Gimlin

In Rome stands a column 38m tall which was built in the 2nd century A.D. Carved around the column is 155 scenes and over 2600 figures. It is known as Trajan's Column and it's subject is the Dacian Wars. Preferring death over subjugation, the Dacian King Decebal, committed suicide after being defeated by the Romans. This painting is a based on the scene in Trajan's Column which depicts the death of Decebal. Decebal's death marked the end of the second Dacian Wars and Dacia's absorption into the Roman Empire. 

Medium | Acrylic on Canvas 
Size | 24” H x 30” W x .05” D 

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Decebal Rege al Daciei (King of Dacia) is also available on an MG Art Gallery T-Shirt (Sold on Amazon) 

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