Artist Profile

Mihaela Gimlin

How many times have you heard, that the secret to success, is to do something you are passionate about. Well, I am passionate about art. I assume that you are too. That’s why you are here reading this. Let’s just say we share a mutual passion for art. 

My passion began when I was very young. Like most children I was given a pencil and paper to draw on. However, I never put the pencil down. As a young child, I would spend more time drawing in class, then listening to the teacher. And yes, that did get me in trouble with my parents. But I persisted and my passion for drawing grew and expanded into painting as well. 

When it was time for me to go to university my parents told me to do something practical. I told them I wanted to do something that I am passionate about. And that is what I did. I received my bachelor’s degree in art from the University of Bucharest. Before moving to the United States, I taught art in both public and private school in Romania. 

I truly believe that art makes the world a better place. And with every painting, drawing, or art video that I make, it is my attempt to make the world a little better.